• A Canvas Follows Her

    I ask questions, make observations
    her eyes follow the words floating
    like cottonwood seed in the breeze
    gathered like snow on the bookshelves... more »

  • A Night In The Old Barn

    you were a little boy, the night
    we slept in my uncles barn while
    the ratty farm cats crept about us
    jumping with fleas and hungry... more »

  • A Parking Lot Before Sunrise

    Winter moon lingers in the west
    over stark trees this morning
    my heavy boots crunch,
    the tires crunch driving away... more »

  • A Scent Of Sage And Prairie Wind

    A Swainson hawk sits on a weathered post
    where no border was ever meant to be,
    peppered brown, fused to the wood of it,
    with ragged remnant of a ground squirrel... more »

  • A Wealth Of Sky

    In the sage days of fleet July kindnesses, the
    free people gather in their small ragged tribes
    in the borderlands beyond street and sidewalk
    amid the unshorn green of an opaline riverbank... more »

  • A Whispering Breeze On Simcoe's Shores

    There is more to be heard
    in the lapping of lake water
    beneath the grey stoic cedars
    in the birdsong of the oak wood... more »

  • All The Greys Of Reykjavik

    All the greys of Reykjavik
    the stone, the sea, the sky
    all the greys of Reykjavik
    our old love, and you and I... more »

  • Among The Leaves

    Under this dark sky, leaves
    throw themselves from trees
    like despairing suicides
    to the cold damp earth... more »

  • An Autumn Battle

    An echo of peasant village cheer
    late summer cricket song at the root
    of gilded meadow grass going to seed
    ‘neath sumac leaves, heat flagged... more »

  • Andean Eyes

    In the crowded marketplace you singled me out,
    somehow saw the loneliness beneath the dust of my travel.
    you, a black-haired Inca girl in a dirty dress,
    skin brown as the clay roofs of Cuzco,... more »

  • Back Kitchen Boxing

    Climbing out the back window
    propping up the sill, with a
    dented blue tin of Player's tobacco
    Granny left behind for me... more »

  • Ballooning

    I have climbed to a high place
    to taste the buffeting wind
    and see with many eyes, the
    interlace of crashing timelines... more »

  • Black Ocean

    every day I wonder where you are, I
    look out over this endless black ocean
    and the rage of waves that took you
    this gathering of tears, tastes of salt... more »

  • Borderlands

    Let me rise, like a fallen seed unnoticed
    in the leaf-littered green of her eyes
    slowly unfolding there, unseen but sensed
    living in the light of a gaze sent elsewhere... more »

  • Broken Sleep On A Sea Of Blues

    Sleep-shattered shards of memories
    I wake caught like an broken insect
    suspended in fragments of these
    aloft of sweat-sewn sheets tossed... more »

  • Brown Leaf Meditations

    She tells me that if I smoke it
    I'll forgo her kisses this night
    so, I think on it o'er a dram
    consider its earthy brown... more »

  • By The Lake Of Little Fishes

    the green water of the lake of little fishes
    stroked the sand with verdant hands, where
    grasshoppers lingered on the warm pebbles
    and black-headed terns had come to fly... more »

  • Crow Call At Dawn

    Crow call at dawn on Buffalo Mountain
    Fire lit brick and dancing flame light
    wooden rafters and sleeping woman
    murmuring firelight catches red hair... more »

  • Discarded Love Letters

    Silver leaves beneath the water
    lay layered and unmoving
    as though painted on the stream bed
    discarded love letters, inkless... more »

  • Doorway To The Woods

    A low fire of silver birch branches, broken
    hissing softly in a hot river stone fireplace
    bread is toasting and tea is warming, and
    outside, beyond the doorway to the woods... more »

  • Doorways

    Sometimes, looking back
    I see the endless doorways
    that led away from you
    and I imagine passing back... more »

  • Drinking In The Chinese Cemetery

    Crow couple stalks through sea-blown grass
    where tiny white flowers are scattered like salt
    a lone slender gull with the wind in his eyes
    watches their progress and ours, perched... more »

  • Elegy For A Bait Fisherman, Fallen

    We've lost the accommodating grin
    Of a summer morning, the soft, derisive jeers
    For we Anglers, our flies and our waders
    With shoes wet with the morning dew... more »

  • Foxgloves

    She found them cast off in a meadow, each
    a black stretch of shadow left in the brome
    knelt and considered their long narrow length
    pulled them on slowly, unthinking, like silk... more »

  • Girl In A Red Parka

    she strides the snow in sure-footed inclines
    dog-led past juniper and slumbering gardens
    her face in coyote fur like spring's promise
    her blonde hair a solar aura, her smile... more »