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Gordon Tseng
A documentary film maker, a versifier, a book author, a song writer and composer,
An independent culture observer and decoder.


Gordon Tseng Poems

A Love Song By The Star

Singing a love song, wandering in that peaceful and lonely night,
The blinking star lets his touching notes take a ride with the moonlight.
To thank the moon for her fan-like listening, her generous free flight,
The notes dance on the black sleepy ocean, make it excited and silver white.... more »

Nuclear-Powered Fear

</></>They say, to enjoy the modern life, you need nuclear.
Oh, it’s safe and clean so don’t worry, my dear.
But, when encountering the things that happen every hundred years,
They would say, well, there is still something not so sure and clear.... more »

God Bless Not Only America

(To enjoy the song for this poem, please see the poet's profile for the website.)

God bless the hungry, in Columbia or in Cambodia, in Europe or in Ethiopia.... more »

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Comments about Gordon Tseng

Rekha Mandagere 15 Nov 2011 06:46
A close proximity of human feelings with that of nature is beautifully brought out. Nice work my friend. The lines are so appealing to senses.