• Examination:

    Examination is full of mischief,
    Some are police and some are thief.
    Every student has tension,
    So he pays more attention.... more »

  • Friends

    Forever in needs, Who help in our deeds;
    They are our friends.
    The ones who are true, for our virtue;
    They are our friends.... more »

  • Incredible India

    INDIA... A vast country...
    Well known for its historic victory...
    Has a great diversity..
    And much Prosperity..... more »

  • Life Is An Art.........

    Life is an art, which is very lovely,
    If not knowing the art, It is very much ugly.
    Full of joys and sorrows and full of ups and downs,
    One should enjoy it; neither grin nor frown.... more »

  • Not An Option! ! !

    This poem is for you, Monsieur.
    Above all, it's you whom I prefer.
    My love for you,
    you just can't imagine;... more »

  • Specially For Youh!

    I remember the times when you were there with me,
    through my many tears you helped me really see,
    you stood close to me like a friend,
    until it came the end.... more »

  • The Planets..

    Mercury is too hot,
    while venus has a drouht.
    Mars is red,
    Where everyone is dead.... more »

  • The Star Of My Life! ! ! !

    Have you all seen shining stars? ?
    Which are so many miles afar.
    Very close to me; I've got a beautiful one;
    I thank God; That he has sent me his own son.... more »