• ****(Stood Up) ****

    a very beautiful woman
    sits there ever so patiently
    awaiting his arrival
    wanting this one to be the one... more »

  • *****missing You*****

    where oh where have you gone
    my sweet love and friend
    will you ever return to see me
    to visit with this friend whose heart you have... more »

  • ****julie B****

    a friend from school
    that i will always remember
    for she showed a kindness
    and caring like no other... more »

  • ~~~~~my Friend~~~~~

    i have just met a wonderful friend
    she doesn't want much
    just an ear every now and then
    it is so cool to just have friendship... more »

  • ~~~~==++(Sarah Beth) ++==~~~~

    can't help but to write
    for another dear friend
    she is a coworker by all rights
    but i appreciate her dearly... more »

  • ~~~~i Could Fall In Love~~~~

    Everyday I talk to you
    I feel like a new person
    Totally transformed into a brand new me
    I didn’t know I could feel like this... more »

  • ~~~~the Mist Around Me~~~~

    crawling and stumbling
    i try to fight my way through
    the mist that surrounds me
    crying deep inside for someone... more »

  • ~~~~thinking Of Us~~~~

    sitting here thinking of us
    and how it used to be
    thinking of how much fun
    we used to have... more »

  • ~~~bubbles~~~

    So sweet and kind
    a smile for all
    You have such a sweet
    and gentle attitude... more »

  • ~~~danielle~~~

    Danielle, Danielle
    what can i say
    Just a sweet girl
    trying to find her way... more »

  • 4ever Broken

    something that can never be
    Knowing deep down
    you are gone... more »

  • 4ever Remembered

    Fought with you overseas
    thought we would make it back
    How can it be that it is only me
    here without you... more »

  • A Fight On Their Hands

    sorcerors and witches
    gather round in great numbers
    come together from near and far
    to get ready for battle... more »

  • A Heart Full Of Tears

    she cries the night away
    wanting to feel your embrace
    but knowing that you are gone from her
    she tries to hide the tears she cries... more »

  • A Love Pure And True

    A love so pure and true
    Would make anyone happy
    And give a person great joy... more »

  • A Mother's Love

    A guide in my life
    A shoulder for me to cry on
    The best support a daughter
    can have... more »

  • A Pretty Lady

    there is a pretty lady that i work with
    who is such a good friend
    that i just had to write
    a little something bout how pretty she is... more »

  • A Rose For You

    here i am bound with chains
    wanting to give you this deep red rose
    as a token of my love for you
    my sweet and precious angel... more »

  • A True Hero

    Fighting for this great land
    In a far off place
    To fight for the freedom of all
    In a war in a country not your own... more »

  • Almost Over The Edge

    got stood up today
    and the pain is almost too strong
    don't know if i can take much more
    of this torture and torment... more »

  • Art The Oil Painter

    you may have worked as a mechanic
    but i'll always remember your paintings
    and how you made them come to life
    and make it look like i was looking out a window... more »

  • Beautiful Blue Eyes

    Blue eyes so full of life
    A wonder all of their own
    So beautiful and precious
    Oh to see those eyes smile... more »

  • Bleeding Heart

    a bleeding heart is all that's left
    in this shell that is me
    where once a love lived
    now nothing but shattered pieces... more »

  • Blue Eyed Thunder

    Beautiful blue eyes full of life
    Always a smile even when
    there is a lot of pain
    I don't know if anyone... more »

  • Broken Hearts

    Crying a river of tears
    Since I talked to you
    someone that I love
    How could you say... more »