• I'M Yours For The Nite

    oh baby i want to hold you close
    let you have your way with me
    cuz i'm yours for the nite
    i luv how your hands roam all over me... more »

  • In My Dreams

    i close my eyes to dream of him again
    but instead of seeing him
    i see you standing there
    in my room waiting for me... more »

  • Is It Love

    I can see the love in your eyes
    Every time that I look at you
    Shining back at me
    through your beautiful blue eyes... more »

  • Just Plain Crazy

    i've got to be crazy
    for talking to you
    i'm letting you pull
    at the old heartstrings again... more »

  • Letting Go

    I feel so lost and confused
    I can't find my way without you
    But I have to let you go... more »

  • Longing For Love

    Longing for your love
    is all I do these days
    I miss you more than
    you will ever know... more »

  • Look...Don'T Touch

    you can look at me
    all that you want
    but just remember
    not to touch... more »

  • Lost

    Lost without you
    wishing that you were here
    Wondering what went wrong
    how can I fix this mess... more »

  • Lost Angel

    They met back when they were both young
    She gave him the love and the hope that he
    Needed to fulfill his dreams
    Now she is the lost angel he misses at night... more »

  • Marching Band

    The drummers beat
    The flutes shrill whistle
    The tubas bass
    All heard a mile away... more »

  • Megan Christine Hays

    Waiting expectantly for a bundle of joy
    Hoping and praying for this miracle... more »

  • Megan's Poem

    My little sister
    that I never knew
    Lost when life was
    just beginning... more »

  • Missing Him

    missing him with all of your heart
    how did it come to be like this
    with you frozen heart
    and him married to someone new... more »

  • Mistyraine's Nurse

    mommy can we go to the hospital today
    can we go see my nurse
    i really miss my nurse mommy
    she took such good care of me when i was sick... more »

  • Mom

    You are my best friend
    Always there when I need you
    Always giving love to me... more »

  • My Buddy

    well what can i say
    other than thank you
    to my buddy from the S.E.A class
    for being there for me... more »

  • My Guardian Angel

    To be able to say
    exactly how I feel
    That would be oh so great
    But how do I tell a person... more »

  • My Mistyraine

    Just a little girl
    Without a care in the world
    when you whirl and twirl
    Sometimes you make me dizzy... more »

  • My Prayer

    Calling out to you
    with all of my heart
    Praying for Your help... more »

  • Once Trusted Now A Thief(Not Really A Poem)

    i trusted you once
    my friends and enemies
    left my door unlocked for my babysitter
    and i suspect her the most... more »

  • Only(And Always) Yours

    met each other back in the day
    fell in love right at first sight
    and haven't been able to control
    the fall since then... more »

  • Opinion

    Everybody has their opnion
    and yet I really don't care what you think
    My poems may not follow a certain standard
    they just come from the heart... more »

  • Pain

    Pain coursing through me
    All because of one phone call
    Tried to make my daughter's day
    yet the pain got to be way too much... more »

  • Pain And Humiliation

    pain and humiliation coursing through me
    thought i was wanted at one time
    now i'm not so sure
    my heart and mind are fighting again... more »

  • Prayer 4 You

    Another prayer 4 you
    On its way up to Heaven
    Couldn't resist
    those few little words in my heart... more »