• Dedicated To M

    Love is a strange wonderful twisted fool
    Nothing can stop its path
    It flows with ease to open hearts
    It makes that little bit of difference... more »

  • For The Love Of Chocolate Fondue

    No one seems to understand the pleasure
    With every mouthful it gets harder to measure

    Give us chocolate give us fruit... more »

  • Have You Ever?

    Have you ever had time
    Time by yourself
    Time to think
    Time to reflect... more »

  • I Can Too!

    I can write poetry too
    Its quite easy really
    It doesn't matter what,
    Sophisticated pattern you produce... more »

  • Judgement

    Okay you found him
    Welldone, congrats, I am pleased
    May I ask have you repented?... more »

  • Mixed

    I am angry, I am low
    I feel different, I want you to go
    I feel new, I feel calm
    I feel overprotective, I dont want them... more »

  • Silent Sin

    The Silent Sin, you can not see
    It knows no bounds
    It does not care for the lives of others
    It creeps and hides from all eyes... more »

  • Stuck

    I cant I just cant
    no matter how hard I try
    What can I possibly say
    How can it be said... more »

  • The Complications Of Breaking Up

    Bang! Its hit you
    The Solution
    The conclusion to your problem... more »

  • The Window To The Soul

    Your eyes were once the window
    The window to my happiness

    They were once my salvation... more »

  • Two Sides

    You stand and speak and everyone seems to listen
    Or you stand and hope that evryone is listening

    You cry and get every ounce of comfort... more »

  • Your Echo

    What do you see? be honest she asks
    I see a beautiful young lady with
    morals and attributions of the new age adult
    You are fair, clever, and I am so proud of you... more »