'poetry is emotion recollected in tranquility'
~William Wordsworth, Preface to 'The Lyrical Ballads'


Graham Stone Poems

A Dirty Toy

I see it, the dead dirty doll
There between the sleepers of tracks,
And the creepers of weeds
I see it with its weathered cracks,... more »

Flesh And Burns

Fire spreads its curling flames
Scorching over splintered planes
And blackens all your gilded fame
Away.... more »

I Fell In Love With A Summer's Evening

I fell in love with the feel of the soft damp grass,
And its caressing flecks moving Between my toes,
The moist damp soil felt cool against my bare skin
As the sun bent so low upon the horizon,... more »

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Meghan - 09 Mar 2007 02:35
I love your writing. Every single poem I read I liked. I can identify with alot of the themes and opinions you have, your writing is truly something unique, not to mention for your age. Look forward to reading more. Meghan