• A Fallow Man

    Swarthy brow and barley fingers; nails with cheerless moons of grime;
    Deadweight sackcloth suit coarse fitting; long his laughter, short your time.
    His hand on your shoulder makes you older, holds you where the clocks don’t chime.
    His grinning bearhug makes you bolder; reason does not sit with rhyme.... more »

  • A Long Time Ago

    A long time ago there were things called stars
    They were up in the heavens with Venus and Mars,
    Along with the moon, a dusty old ball
    That hasn’t been sighted for decades at all.... more »

  • At The Broad End

    With a wind tan of what gets to him, he
    turns his back on what is beckoning,
    knowing it's bringing, red-lettered,
    a date with it - one he may never learn.... more »

  • Autumn Born

    Autumn born and autumn led
    Autumn named, maybe autumn wed
    For who knows what the wind will blow around your knees
    Or what will fall... more »

  • Bahnhof Cafe

    At the end of escalators out, wind
    drives rain hard into the face -
    umbrellas can't withstand it.... more »

  • Brandon

    One day, I took you to school on my shoulders, punch proud.
    At first light, the heat was already as thick and itchy as wool,
    and everything had the colour of a photo that has seen too much sun.
    You swayed with the rhythm of my gait, little hands holding on... more »

  • Cherubs

    Apple-cheeked, golden-haired
    infants, all bare
    podgy, ballooning
    piously unleash the air -... more »

  • Fag Ends

    Red with lipstick, soggy with drool – filthy.
    Heaping up round benches, bus stops,
    places of the passing day. Flicked away –
    scuffed by hurrying feet, swept up... more »

  • For Sale

    In a plantpot, weak peering life
    chokes under moss. Daggers of
    glass point out the weeds which vie
    with cracked, unsteady patio slabs.... more »

  • Getting Along

    ... more »

  • Herminia, 61

    Herminia, 61, aslumber at her sea-food stall
    dreamed the port was rocking like a boat
    and woke to find it was.... more »

  • In The Reading Chamber

    Suddenly nobody can concentrate.

    Bound print, doodled-round notes, difficult photocopies
    (even those ablock with fluorescent face-lifts)... more »

  • It Comforts Some

    It comforts some to see life
    as a journey to a happy land,
    where the holiday sun never sets.
    Heaven – no maps exist; no one... more »

  • Milk Face

    Milk face, nuzzling a nipple from a pillow. It's not there.
    You rub your face in bib. Only bib. Blanket. Only blanket.
    Screwing up your pale paper face, you make a big noise.... more »

  • My Little My

    The youngest bird has the widest beak,
    Not one for playing hide and seek –
    Straight for the kill, neck or gill.
    Not one for elbows on the window sill.... more »

  • Now's The Time

    The image is of feet
    at the unshifting edge
    of a dirty reflection.
    Two scuffed shoes... more »

  • O

    or a hoop
    to play with,
    jump through;... more »

  • Saturday Night

    Like gnats, strange lights bother
    the marsh. Crickets chirp, bats
    skim across the ale-dark night
    and a breeze rustles the leaves... more »

  • Tessie

    Tessie, here’s a song for you, half a life in the knowing
    Though water may pass by, it’s the river that is flowing
    Eh? What’s that? You ask. Come again? I don’t follow
    Things change, Poppet, and there are times, it can be hard to swallow. But... more »

  • The Feather's Weight

    The nest becomes a cage -
    two gripping feet relax:
    the earth-bound bird kicks off
    and we break bravely free.... more »

  • Tubingen

    Someone punts
    through the low-lying mist
    on the still Neckar,
    a distraction from empty boats... more »

  • Two Pieces Of Silence

    A breakable silence held
    until a tear rolls
    into a sob
    and you turn away your face.... more »

  • Under Our Hands

    A paper chase of changed addresses -
    wry flatmates telling me I'd missed you,
    by a month or so. You'd missed me too.
    I traced you. A number. Your answers... more »

  • Upturned Hats

    Mirrored darkly
    in a plate-glass expanse,
    unattainable life
    passes the upturned hat,... more »

  • What To Buy A Woman

    What to buy a woman who’s grown up with quality,
    who sums its parts up, knows the names it calls us with?

    What would suit a woman who wears the right decision,... more »