sport and music is my life
i like it sooooooo much, i like football so much and i support Real Madrid - the countries (spain and england)
My Fav player is super David Beckham
Fav singer: Enrique Iglesias
i like history(Spanish history) , geography, and languages


Green Eyes Poems


I just close my eyes and put my hand on my heart
To remember you..... to remember your smile
Trying to see your face in my dream... more »

An Angel

Love... which love?
What this word mean?
What this word mean if you love someone you did not even see his face?
What this word mean if you love someone you did not even hear his voice?... more »

Colors Of Love

Babay i just want to tell you
When you wear a white color
You seem like an angel fall from the sky... more »

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William Stoner 22 Mar 2009 01:15
Tim Donald you are a lying Zionist idiot. Tell Christians to read the Jewish Talmud and see what they really think of Jesus and Mary. The eastern European Jewish terrorist that stole the land from the Palestinians originally came from Russia and Asia when the Huns invaded Europe they have no ties to the land you stupid Nazi cow. Great poem Hanah.
Delilah Miller 20 Jan 2007 09:54
Your poetry is passionate and even though you put emotion into is, the form is never too complicated to understand. I like your style.