G GREENWOLFE 1962 MARCH 23, 1951

I was inspired to write poetry after seeing the movie 'Dr. Zhivago', I wrote my first poem in 1970. Influenced by the poetry of William Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, and Edgar Allan Poe; I am one of the few writers in the era of modern poetry who writes in the form I call 'rhythm and rhyme'.
After waiting more than 30 years for 'THE GIFT' of
poetry to arrive, I sat down at the age of 54 and
wrote for the first time with the ability to say
what I wished to say in the way I had long wished
to say it. In the next 18 months or so I wrote
nearly 180 poems.
Today, I am still an unknown and may be called 'an emerging poet' but my style is not new to the readers of poetry. This gives me a natural following among the readers of poetry. I hope and believe it will grow as more readers are exposed to this particular popular style.
I write my poetry to please the readers in every way.
I write to entertain, to inform, and to emotionally
involve the reader in the experience of love and life
in all its aspects. And I try to do this in a way
that makes the reading of my words enjoyable for all.
For those who wish to learn more about me, they may do so by simply typing my name on their web search
engine. Type Greenwolfe (open space) 1962. This will
give you a host of options. Including fans, blogs, and my space and others.



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Your words speak to me. Thank you for them.
I don't know if you know, but we message each other before because 20 year old girl critized your poem called the oak tree lol. Anyways I read some of your poems and you still moved me with emotions and thoughts. Continue to write your piece to capture the audience sir. Keep it up! ! ! !
'In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king! '