• A Dying Man

    The inevitable fate of a dying man, watching his time ebb by.
    Leaves nothing to look forward to, as his world goes to demise.

    Why is it so, that life is so cruel, to force him to observe.... more »

  • Dream Lover

    Do I haunt your dreams at night,
    do they include me?
    Am I in your sleep my dear,
    do you think of me?... more »

  • Forever My Friend

    You and I are so different, we don't think or act the same,
    And yet theres a bond between us, that I cannot explain.

    Though recent times have shown that for now we are just friends,... more »

  • My Life

    I want to explore the bounds of life
    to find where my limits are.
    To see, and feel, and do everything
    to travel to the furthest star.... more »