• '29' A Lament

    My protector has gone, driven away by effort weak,
    Replaced by another, but the former I do seek.

    From all cares and woes it kept me free.... more »

  • A Love All Inclusive

    I've been given a gift,
    It is a gift so grand.
    It is a gift so great,
    It will not fit in my hand.... more »

  • 'A Love Pure And True'

    Must love have sexual connotations?
    Must it include lustful desires?
    Must it include erotic reverberations?
    Must it always ignite wild, passionate fires?... more »

  • 'A Picture Of Friends'

    What could be worth more?
    What can inspire to Earth's ends?
    What causes ecstasy galore
    More than a picture of friends?... more »

  • Abounding Mercy

    The Lord in His mercy blesses me
    When none but trouble distresses me.
    All I can say is 'Holy! Holy! Holy! ',
    And I feel that nothing can again depress me.... more »

  • 'All I Can Say'

    All I can say is 'Love! '
    All I can feel is love!
    All I can do
    Is give thanks to You... more »

  • Alphabet For God

    Almighty is He,
    Beloved He be.
    Contagious is His love.
    Domine, Lord up above.... more »

  • 'Another Year Older'

    Here you are, another year older.
    Another year past of pushing the boulder.
    You have grown a little wiser,
    And trouble spewed out like a geyser.... more »

  • 'As We March On To Glory'

    As we face this goliath,
    On this dark, clouded day,
    As he does impose his will,
    This is what we shall say:... more »

  • 'At The House Of The Lord'

    Let us come to the house of the Lord.
    Let us come and kneel down before Him.
    At the place where great riches are stored,
    We will say that we love and adore Him.... more »

  • Bible Thumpers

    There is a certain crowd,
    Who live for the Lord and show it.
    To others, they proclaim it loud.
    The Word to all people, they intend to bestow it.... more »

  • Bring Out Your Bible

    Bring out your Bible,
    Read it to everyone.
    Bring out your Bible,
    You will have sin on the run.... more »

  • Celebrate!

    Celebrate love! Celebrate life!
    Celebrate the force that drives away strife!

    Celebrate you! Celebrate me!... more »

  • Clean Your Plate!

    Most everyone in this world has a plate of food to eat.
    Each plate has an equal portion of food.
    Some people have added their own treat.
    To each person, their serving tastes really good.... more »

  • 'Do You Think Of Me? '

    I think of you,
    Do you think of me?
    You forever dwell in my mind,
    And in my heart you’ll stay eternally.... more »

  • 'Even Though You'Re Not Here, You'Re Here'

    Even though you're not here, you're here.
    You are the smile on my face.
    Even though you're far away, you are oh, so near.
    I'm surrounded by reflections of your grace.... more »

  • Find Release

    Take it up
    The pen that does write
    Your heart's words.... more »

  • Follow God's Commandments

    Follow God's commandments, everyday do what He wills.
    Take them to heart, never commit any ills.
    Reflect on them daily, and do what is best.
    Follow them joyfully, and the Lord will give you rest.... more »

  • 'Follow The Leader'

    Christianity is a game of follow the leader,
    All players are to follow in Jesus’ steps.
    At times it is difficult as trailing a speeder,
    So it is commonplace to look to our fellow reps.... more »

  • Friend

    Forever in my heart.
    Radiantly shining in my eyes.... more »

  • Friend Of The Friendless

    He is friend of the friendless
    Yes He is! Yes He is!
    He is friend of the friendless
    Healing hearts is His biz.... more »

  • Game Shows And Dog Chews

    Watching television together is what we would choose,
    viewing game shows and tasting dog chews.... more »

  • God Is Chomping At The Bit

    God is chomping at the bit,
    To take His precious angel home.
    He wants her to make a spiritual exit,
    To His wide open loving arms come.... more »

  • God's Dirty Laundry

    Everyday, laundry piles up in God's hamper.

    This laundry is the dirtiest, filthiest, most... more »

  • Happy Birthday, Friend

    Happy birthday, friend,
    Now is the time to celebrate.
    This, the anniversary of your birth,
    To me, is a very important date.... more »