• Rubai # 42

    To me you are so dear,
    You're such a pleasure to be near.
    The fact that I love you
    Is what I want all the world to hear.... more »

  • Rubai # 44

    I love your love, my love,
    It causes me to soar above
    All mountains and clouds,
    And brings me peace as a dove.... more »

  • Rubai # 45

    Why must you appear to me?
    When you know that whenever I see
    Your loveliness approaching,
    I lose all sense of sanity.... more »

  • Rubai # 46

    I look into those precious eyes,
    And my soul floats up to the skies.
    As I hold this tiny treasure,
    It is like receiving a pleasant surprise.... more »

  • Rubai # 47

    Heal me, Lord, wash me with Your cleansing blood.
    Burst the dam, and release its flood.
    I am sick with the disease of sin.
    Only You can heal me, this is wholly understood.... more »

  • Rubai # 48

    I do not want to fall, Lord, hold my hand.
    I am prone to stumbling as I walk this land.
    There are obstacles aplenty on this path.
    So be with me always, until at your throne I stand.... more »

  • Rubai # 50

    Dearest friend of mine, you are my muse.
    I think of you, then I know it is time to use
    The gift given to me that magical night.
    Your very presence in my mind, I shall never refuse.... more »

  • Rubai # 51

    Come all people, and sing
    Of the love and mercy of the King.
    Lift your praises up high,
    And receive the gifts that doing so will bring!... more »

  • Rubai # 52

    Like a pill for my hypertension does the trick,
    A prayer for forgiveness will unwaveringly stick.
    And ease the pressure of everyday life.
    On the go one will be, like after receiving a kick.... more »

  • Rubai # 53

    Here's to the heart, the poet's brain, the spirit's ear.
    It tells our pens to write words true and dear.
    Let us tip our glasses in tribute
    And rise with a thunderous cheer!... more »

  • Rubai # 56

    Lord, bless me as I reach my thirtieth year.
    Please let it be filled with immense love and cheer.
    Make it even better than my twenty-seventh,
    And always let me know that You are ever near!... more »

  • Rubai # 57

    My heart needed a release
    In order to have true inner peace.
    So with my pen and writing book,
    It can express itself, and be at ease.... more »

  • Rubai # 65

    Love, it is for you that I write.
    Words from my pen flow day and night.
    I am surprised that my paper does not catch fire,
    For flames of passion from me burn bright.... more »

  • Rubai # 69

    When will it stop? When will it cease?
    The dam has burst, and blessings were released.
    It is a tsunami of Your love
    That continually drowns me in perfect peace.... more »

  • Rubai #130

    Friend, word that warms my heart.
    It inspires as a work of art.
    Attaching that label to you
    Gives my endorphins a racing start.... more »

  • Rubai #131

    In all I do, may the glory go to the Lord,
    For it is He that inspires every word.
    He is the Hand, I am the pen.
    Through my poems, let 'Praise Him! ' be heard.... more »

  • Rubai 108

    I write like my pen is annointed.
    With each pen stroke, evil becomes disjointed.... more »

  • Rubai -111

    My pen moves in strokes of praise.
    It writes of God's love most days.
    I have no control as it writes,
    For it is the Lord that moves it in His mysterious ways.... more »

  • Rubai 40

    I stare at your picture, and I see
    Your lovely eyes looking back at me,
    And your smile shining oh so bright.
    I am almost paralyzed at seeing such beauty.... more »

  • Rubai 41

    I became so excited,
    Flames of passion were ignited.
    Just because I saw you,
    My lonesome heart was delighted.... more »

  • Show Your Faith

    If you have faith, do more than talk it,
    Put it to action, your belief, do walk it.... more »

  • Silence Is

    Silence is sitting back in the recliner after a day
    at work when the radio was too loud.

    Silence is hearing the birds singing after hearing... more »

  • 'Spurred On'

    I am spurred on by the Lord
    To write of His love and Word.
    He compels me to take up my pen.
    I write in strokes of Him again and again.... more »

  • Stephon And Jorge

    This is a story of a couple of friends,
    As close as five minutes to eleven.... more »

  • Take His Hand

    When troubles like storm clouds appear, take His hand.
    When worries cause your heart to fear, take His hand.
    When taking on a new task, take His hand.
    When blessings come, far more than you ask, take His hand.... more »