• Take Your Seat, Rosa

    The bus to Heaven is boarding,
    Waiting for souls to give a ride to,
    The driver looks upon the passengers, He is sorting
    Out the seating arrangements, an easy task for Him to do.... more »

  • Thank You Lord

    Thank you, Lord, for sending my mom and dad, to adopt my brother, then me, it was so rad.
    Thank you, Lord, for sending me to such a loving family. I am surrounded by so much love, it means so much to me.
    Thank you, Lord, for providing a good living. All of my family's needs were met, there was no need for misgiving.
    Thank you, Lord, for every passing day. Both good and bad are appropriate occasions to praise you, I'd say.... more »

  • The Adam And Eve Spirit

    When we toil the land,
    And gaze upon the beauty of God's work,
    On this spot we do stand,
    Unashamedly naked, and a stork... more »

  • The Birth Of Christ- Part One

    One day, so long ago,
    An angel to Mary did show.... more »

  • The Birth Of Christ Part Two

    To save the world Christ went down to Earth.
    People marveled and cheered at His birth.... more »

  • The Daily Shower

    Here I am, Lord, filthy, dirty with the sin of the world.
    I am caked with the mud of sin and disgrace.

    So, I strip off my grubby exterior, therefore standing naked... more »

  • The David Spirit

    When tending to my daily tasks,
    And told that I will be promoted,
    May I faithfully do what my boss asks.
    To be trusted with this new work, my heart feels bloated.... more »

  • 'The Day Of Deliverance'

    Praise the Lord! For our salvation has come!
    Our lot has been vanquished, and then some.
    The deliverer came and set us free,
    So great our prayers and praises will be!... more »

  • 'The 'F' Word'

    To my ear, it is sweet delight,
    Better than any symphony to be heard.
    More peaceful than cricket chirps at night.
    Oh, the glorious sound of the 'F' word!... more »

  • The Jesus Spirit

    Though friends forsake me,
    They betray and abandon,
    Though my enemies take me,
    They beat me and deny that I am one... more »

  • The Jonathan Spirit

    Lord, please instill the Jonathan spirit in me
    When a close, dear friend needs me to be
    A bulwark in times of trouble.
    May I be to them wholly devoted, this is my plea.... more »

  • The Joseph Spirit

    On hearing that my wife is pregnant,
    As I get over the shock at such alarming news,
    When I think of divorcing her and finding that tyrant,
    And as I'm about to tell her to put on her walking shoes,... more »

  • 'The Lord Will Grant You Grace'

    The Lord will grant you grace
    And shine upon your face
    If you will let Him in
    And rid yourself of sin.... more »

  • The Lord's Ladder

    Your faith in the Lord, keep it strong.

    Hold fast to Him all your days,
    Give Him all of your blessings and praise.... more »

  • The Mary Spirit

    When I am told that I am pregnant,
    And did not expect such news,
    When I tell the baby's future aunt,
    Looking for the right words to use,... more »

  • The Moses Spirit

    When called into action,
    Sent to speak for the multitude,
    Oh, feet, make traction!
    I feel so very nude.... more »

  • The Most Loyal Friend

    There is a friend we all have,
    one who loves us all very much.

    He is always there for us,... more »

  • The Nightly Glass

    I love you, my wife, you are my nightly glass of wine.
    You are sparkling, your appearance makes me happy you are mine.... more »

  • The Pigs Rise Early

    The pigs rise early
    To gather at the gate.
    To take part in the yearly
    Mass feeding day, they just can't wait.... more »

  • The Scapegoat

    There once was a man who lived an upright life.
    He loved His fellow man, He was slow to anger.
    He put Himself last, and never was one to cause strife.
    His life was lived humbly, He even was born in a manger.... more »

  • The Soapbox Preacher Attacketh!

    With pen in hand, and book in arm,
    I am ever at the ready.
    To do evil and grievous sin great harm.
    I pray the Lord to make my hand steady.... more »

  • The Soapbox Preacher's Creed

    I believe in God the Father Almighty,
    Maker of paper and pen.
    And in Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son,
    Who gives me words for my poems every now and then.... more »

  • The Soapbox Preacher's Pledge

    I pledge allegiance to the cross
    Of the Lord Jesus Christ.
    In it I count all gains but loss,
    On it was made the ultimate sacrifice.... more »

  • The Thank You Card

    My eyes began to tear, my heart began to warm,
    When I read that thank you card you gave me.
    And that cute picture sure did no harm.
    Your baby in her clutches does have me!... more »

  • The True Valentine

    Lord, You are my Valentine.
    You are forever in this heart of mine.
    It was You, not Cupid who shot the arrow.
    After all, You truly are love defined!... more »