• The Vase

    A vase, made of crystal or molded clay,
    In and of itself, beautiful in its own way.
    By itself it is a lovely piece of decor.
    A delight to the eyes, that is what it is there for.... more »

  • This Love Of Mine

    This love of mine possesses awe-inspiring beauty,
    So much area to gaze at, so many wonders to see.
    This love of mine is steaming hot at times,
    At other times, she is bone-chilling cold.... more »

  • This Poetic Torch

    Lord, thank You for this poetic torch,
    Which keeps aflame my love for You.
    I pray, all peoples' hearts to scorch
    With its light, and keep it lit all my lifetime through.... more »

  • Those Three Words

    Those three words, a lot of the time, are very hard to say. Those three words, I said to you one day.

    I meant every word, I meant every letter. Now that I have said them, I feel so much better.... more »

  • To My Friends

    To my friends, a great pleasure to know, here are a
    few words, my love to show.

    Your marriage, dear friends, I prayerfully support,... more »

  • To My Love

    My darling, every time you're near, it is like standing near a burning flame.
    And you whisper in my ear, my heart burns at the sound of your beautiful name.... more »

  • Too Much In Love With Love

    What wondrous news! You tell me that you are in love!
    You must be feeling on top of the world, like you could soar above

    The highest mountains and clouds. Indeed, to be in love is the most... more »

  • Unbekownst To Me

    Unbeknownst to me are the feelings deep inside.
    Unbeknownst to me is the love that does hide.... more »

  • Un-Prayed Answers

    I don't remember asking for a friend, someone to love and treasure.
    Nor asking for some way to stop being shy and start expressing myself.
    I must have been behaving myself, in order to be rewarded beyond measure,... more »

  • Wait And See

    I'll take the attitude of wait and see
    To find out about finding that special someone.
    One that is truly meant for only me,
    Or else find myself remaining blissfully alone.... more »

  • 'Warning! : This Site Contains Nudity! '

    There should be a warning,
    There should be a sign.
    Alerting people to the nudity
    On this site, especially that of mine!... more »

  • Welcome To My Vase

    Welcome to my vase,
    Please do come on in.
    Miracles like you
    Still happen now and then.... more »

  • 'What Can I Give You? '

    Here it is, Christmas time is nigh.
    The temps are cold, and snow is falling from the sky.
    People are crowding up the stores,
    Looking for gizmos and gadgets galore.... more »

  • What Good Does It Do?

    What good does it do to grumble?
    What good does it do to complain?
    What good does it do to mumble?
    What good does it do to cry about the rain?... more »

  • When I Say I Love You

    When I say I love you, I am saying that I respect you.
    May you always know I will never reject you.... more »

  • Where Are You, My Love?

    The time is here when you are usually around,
    And the sight of you gets me all excited.
    You cause in me a gleeful sound,
    And flames of passion are ignited.... more »

  • 'Who Will Hear Their Screams? '

    Who will hear their screams?
    Who will answer their cries?
    It's been so long, it seems
    Since they have sighed their sorrowful sighs.... more »

  • Why Are The Vulgar Respected?

    Why are the vulgar respected?
    Why are they greeted with cheers when introduced to the crowd?
    Those that peddle pornography which degrades women,
    And those that use coarse joking and describe sexual encounters to a national audience.... more »

  • Why Bring Up The Past?

    Why must you look to the past,
    When to the Lord, it does not exist?
    It's been wiped out by prayer and fast.
    So with bringing it up, please cease and desist.... more »

  • Write In Me, Lord

    Write in me, Lord, I will be your open book.
    Write your words of amazing grace,... more »

  • You Are Music

    You are music, and I am the ears, your songs lift my soul, and calm my fears.

    Your voice a beautiful melody, an operatic aria that soars through the very heart of me.... more »

  • You Love Me!

    I froze in utter delight,
    I nearly cried tears of joy.
    I must have been a wacky sight!
    I sure was one ecstatic boy.... more »

  • 'Your Presence Is Gift Enough'

    The time has come when my birthday is near,
    And I look forward to greetings from ones I hold dear.
    Will their cards make me laugh, or shed a tear?
    It is because of that, that I look forward to every year.... more »