• A Comment To Your Extemporaneous Speech

    you said that when we love someone,
    we should show the person how much we love him/her
    But what if the person didnt give you a chance?
    Because you didnt give me any.... more »

  • Acceptance

    I was often a greyscale morning
    who greets people without appealing
    Im just a greyscale morning
    who cannot be a great something... more »

  • Act

    Bang! I shot myself in the head,
    Thanks to you, now im dead.
    I hope you're fine,
    cuz now you're mine.... more »

  • Au Revoir

    Never in my past there was none
    of every moments of passing fun
    And we wish will no long end
    as the ambiance stay to pend... more »

  • Believe

    crumpled alone he sits by the fire,
    as the sound of plastic is cackling,
    and the mood sets his soul to ire,
    about the neighborhood he is leaving.... more »

  • Chime

    She was sad at one-fifteen,
    she hates the world nowhere to lean,
    she walks around and round and round,
    She looks for answers- nowhere was found.... more »

  • Deodorant

    What's that saturnalia smell?
    it's as if im in hell,
    I found the answer in you contaigous,
    i don't want to be you malodorous.... more »

  • Destiny

    I never meant to love you as i do now
    nor am i here to treat you cow
    thine hours have spent me twice,
    for everything has rolled its dice.... more »

  • Ex-List

    what's the problem?
    can't you see that i'm crying my lungs out,
    just to see you again disarming Hade's helm,
    well its hard cuz i just can't see you with couts.... more »

  • First

    You was my angel's resemblance,
    the disquiet turned to consolance.
    You rectified my soul's contentment,
    as the vent seized my temperament.... more »

  • Flow In

    Out in the dark night
    i stood as bats take flight
    my feel is calm yet true
    i cant see anything but you... more »

  • Groupie

    She was too young to chase her idol,
    as every concert she has her role,
    to sit in the front row,
    and wait for something to throw.... more »

  • Guardian Angel

    Tonight i want to write a poem,
    don't worry, it's not a tome.
    i offered my heart to bleed,
    just for you to read... more »

  • Half Empty

    In the middle of the horizon
    Thine hours tick twice a minutewise
    Then all kinswoman blew the beacon,
    as'll canary not is well in estuary.... more »

  • I Thought

    I thought you just left me by the fire
    to see if i'll stay in love and burn
    or run away with the sounding lyre
    you made me think why love can't learn... more »

  • I'M A Daydreamer, This Is My Dream

    after walking you home,
    by your front door alone,
    before the sun set
    the place starts turning violet... more »

  • Insanity

    All this time contagious,
    be me a boy least courteous,
    hell you're my precious,
    be it in bed so ferocious.... more »

  • Invisible Tool

    I love my invisible tool,
    It shapeshifts into many forms and its damn cool,
    It follows me everywhere i go,
    if anyone asks a trade for it, i'll say 'no, '... more »

  • Just Another Day

    Today i thought it would be usual
    the sun's rays made my facial
    to wake me up, my saliva on my pillow
    beside me is The Wind in the Willows... more »

  • Little Justin

    we've met from an apostolate,
    and what made me motivate
    was his distinct personality-
    his silence and smiplicity...... more »

  • Lonely Miracle

    I once wished to be by your side,
    to do things you could abide,
    Then the holy grail made me the winner,
    and my wish came true without an inner.... more »

  • Long Lost Ty, A

    After the first semester,
    You entered into a difficult tunnel.
    I saw you very helpless,
    So i tried to have time to help your mortal code.... more »

  • Love Letter

    This ain't a love letter,
    things between us just gets even better,
    like roast chicken with melted butter,
    this aint a love letter.... more »