Gregory Crockatt Biography

I Am. Meta Everything. All unique, everynothing for the giving living being. Being for give. Being for love. Being for symbolism and mysticism. Being for elucidation. Being for health and conscious connectedness. Filling in the space with time, spanning the spacetime with interdimensional energic waves of the real. Figure eight, infinite twisted wave inhaling/exhaling simultaniously inverting and overlapping eternally infinite.

We promote connectivity amongst arts and resources collectively. We facilitate project metaconception by being all encompassing medium management, media aging, meta media, open source conception and free giving. Growth is organic and lucid, every part a whole, imparting and debarking on action chains of causality affecting effect. Interwoven concurrent arrival departures transmuting signals after signal in timespace amongst the acceptees and enthralled invites. All is one, more for all. Exemplify possibilities, heal emotionally, uplift indifference, gift guidance.