well lets see im 18 i will be a senior in hig school. hmm wha else can i tell you i have 3 dogs and 1 sis i have great friends. and i have 2 bffl i love those guys there like the brothers i alweys wanted i would do any thing for them. hmm if you want to no any thing else ask.


Griffin Mahan Poems

Why Did U Have To Go

so today was a bad day
i found out you died
why did u have to go
why today... more »

A True Friend

a true friend is there for good or for bad
a true is great to have
i no i have a few
and i love them all... more »


i have good days and i have bad
some are good and others are sad
but when i with u you make my heart sing
like the bells on a church that go ring ring ring... more »

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