• A Poem I Wrote To Her

    > So how do I begging to describe this girl She means everything in the
    > world She is the best girlfriend any guy could want And at first I
    > thought it was too good to be true But now I know that she is my babe
    > boo At first I didn’t believe at love at first sight Until I laid eyes... more »

  • A Poem My G/F Wrote To Me

    ... more »

  • A True Friend

    a true friend is there for good or for bad
    a true is great to have
    i no i have a few
    and i love them all... more »

  • Bad Day

    so yesterday was ver bad
    she made me fell very sad
    she used me for this other man
    and i guess that was her plane... more »

  • Days

    i have good days and i have bad
    some are good and others are sad
    but when i with u you make my heart sing
    like the bells on a church that go ring ring ring... more »

  • Happy Mothers Day

    happy mothers day mom
    im glad ur here
    now listen to this
    you mighyt want to here... more »

  • One More Poem To Her

    10/5/08 was the best day of my life
    Everything fells so right
    Since the first day that I laid eyes on you
    I knew it had to be too good to be true... more »

  • Spring Break

    spring break is almost near
    i can fell it approching so fast
    and i want to last forever
    we have just one more week of school... more »

  • Summer Is Ending

    summer has gone by so fast
    o why o why you may ask
    it was good for all
    i have so many god memories from this summer... more »

  • Summer Time

    summer time is almost here
    and evry day that it is aproching i want to get up and cheer
    i can not wait to get out of school
    when i can go to the beach and be cool... more »

  • Why Did U Have To Go

    so today was a bad day
    i found out you died
    why did u have to go
    why today... more »

  • You Siad U Alweys Love Me

    you said you alweys love me
    you said you would do any thing for me
    you said you'd alweys be there for me
    now look at us... more »