• Chameleon

    Is this supposed to be like this?
    The life that I have to live for.
    Joy it is as I now notice
    Colorful skin bring me no bore.... more »

  • Dance In Eternity

    Every night and day I keep the flame
    The flame that lit up my soul
    I'll never let the flame fade away
    It is you that keep my flame burning again.... more »

  • I Am The Poet

    I can clearly see the world is drowning deeper and deeper into darkness.
    Can we ever break free from this magnificent slavery?
    I am the poet, like a shot to the head, I never miss.... more »

  • My Silent Tree

    Is it wrong for me?
    I see myself talk to the Tree.
    Not understand is common sense,... more »

  • Rewrite True Story Too Late

    If only you had realized, listen here, the story so true.
    Wisdom you wish is so divine, still, left unspoken, yes.
    It is never too late now, if you would, rewrite the story, no?... more »

  • Shove The Sun Above

    For the love of mankind here they fought with,
    Foolish bravery act some people might say,
    From the deepest down of the true life grit,
    Stepped out in the brightest suit of display;... more »

  • Thank You

    I was a blind man until I met You.
    The last piece of the puzzle I been
    looking for. Hold me close and never let go.... more »

  • The Miracle

    The sun goes down as the sky turning from blue to gray
    and the overflowing fire once burns inside has fade away.
    The blue and cold reality had been waiting at the bay
    as it watches him with its frozen soulless eyes at play.... more »

  • Thou Seest Beyond Eyes And Ears

    On the Night of casting silence;
    O'er the Eyes that could not see;
    There leniently stay the figure of Joy
    Whispering to this mortal Ears of Thy Glory.... more »

  • War Thoughts

    Is there any logic in war?
    They bid themselves blood in battlefield.
    Oh, Lord, I pray every night. What for?... more »