• Frosty Apples

    Herewith a verse;
    Concise and terse;

    In Wintry time,... more »

  • Nimrod

    'And the hunter home from the hill.'
    Tis' Stevenson's line, you'll recall;
    But the pen has replaced the quill...
    And the hunter's home from the mall.... more »

  • Second Harvest

    'WE ARE AT WAR! ' gazettes proclaimed.
    An enemy was boldly named.
    We donned our uniforms to train
    And learned to crawl through barbed terrain.... more »

  • Winnowing

    We don't need the mice
    An' we don't need rats.
    If there are no mice,
    We don't need the cats.... more »

  • Yin And Yang

    Yin and Yang: dark and light;
    Ice and fire; day and night.
    Storm and calm; land and sea;
    You and me... you and me....... more »