• A Prayer For The Innocent

    O God, these are dark days
    And we are feeling despair.
    We see and feel so much pain,
    O Lord, we come to you in prayer.... more »

  • Cargo Pants

    Cargo pants are in
    right now.
    so many seem
    to wear them.... more »

  • Friends

    I have a garden
    of Roses,
    I tend with the
    greatest of care.... more »

  • Growing Older

    Sleepless nights,
    Age showing through now.
    Arms speckled, hands too.
    Skin so thin it wrinkles when touched.... more »

  • My Daughters

    The day is gloomy
    The skies are so grey,... more »

  • My Love

    I've been away
    but ten days.
    Yet it seems so long.
    I've missed my Husband... more »

  • Secrets

    Way back in my
    I held secrets close
    to my heart.... more »

  • The Morning

    I woke with a start
    At the sound of the paper
    Plopping on the drive.
    A brand new day,... more »

  • The Poetress

    I have a daughter
    Who is a Poetress,
    I love the poems
    She writes!... more »

  • The Wind

    The wind blows
    The trees sway and
    Rustle noisily.
    The dust swirls,... more »