Gwendolyn Brooks Comments (22)

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Dear Mrs Elizabeth i love your poetry title we real cool. i find it so appealing that i decided to work on an audio production using your poetry piece, we real cool. i am determent to produces it on a commercial bases. i hope to get a respond from you soon. Lmadikane # safai.
Gwendolyn is the best, just cause she's black you don't have the right to discriminate her.I'm also black so live with that.
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she is very talented
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why'd they ever allow a nigger learn to write in the first place is the real problem.
lil pump is a true poet #harvarddropout #mixtapesarepoetry
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its 2018 guyssssssssssssssssss
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The apple watch is a ripoff im giviving it two stars
I don't even like poems but she's really swaggy and fresh
Brooks is indeed a brook. all poems are like brook.
wow. ithink u r real as nature.