Gwendolyn Brooks Comments (33)

I have one of her original poems. My wife took her for a poetry course in the 1960's and they really liked each other. It was a gift.
i do think of her poems to be a very astonishing form of art and power to speak freely as a person. Gwendolyn Brooks is a inspiration to many people including me. so i think that she is one of the best poets to have ever written.
i love when my dog read the part bueno capliano
" We Real Cool" , my favourite poem.
Based on how she thinks, talks, and looks, i would have loved to spend some time with her so i could read more and know more because me and her would have gotten along great as friends and i'm sure others would have too. I loved your poetry Ms.Brooks.
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some white people being rasict again in the comments hah.. you're not being funny or impressing anybody sooo...? white people like you are the reason humanity is corrupt
some people in the comments may not realize.... but Gwendolyn Brooks is not alive.
This is amazing but not amazing as mine grades *laughs* i'm kidding Gwendolyn Elizabeth Brooks was an amazing poet most known for winning Pultizer Prize as an African America but thats not all she is an amazing poet and you should not be silly with her amazing talent
yo, that is super awesome, like, bro