Poetry has played an important role in my life since the age of five (forty-one years ago) , when I wrote my first poem:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Nothin' like having
A mom like you.

Hardly an epic, but it set a course.

I currently (2011) teach 3rd grade at a suburban Detroit public elementary school, where I work diligently to instill in my students an appreciation of the beauty of language and the benefits of writing various forms of poetry for both personal expression and enjoyment.


H. Rand Swansey Poems


At first, the telltale signs were few and inconsistent-
a momentary shortness of breath; a dry, unproductive cough;
quick, stabbing pains like split-second jolts of electricity-
nothing to indicate the destruction developing inside his chest.... more »

I Dream Of A Wood

I dream of a wood
where the white birches grow,
where my steps, as I wander,
become shortened and slow;... more »


You arrived like a cowlick
an unruly shock of childhood rising petulantly,
denying the comb, refusing to be tamed.... more »

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