• 54th Street

    Steam rises through a sidewalk grill,
    manifesting itself in the frigid winter air
    like a... more »

  • Barn

    ... more »

  • Blue Jay

    the color of an azure sky,
    speckles spread across her wings,
    a crown atop her head,... more »

  • Combing Woods

    combing woods on a winter afternoon

    snow lies dense, bending boughs of spruce
    and fir and pine... more »

  • Cowlick

    You arrived like a cowlick
    an unruly shock of childhood rising petulantly,
    denying the comb, refusing to be tamed.... more »

  • Fear

    Fear is rain,
    a promise: of no uncovered inches,
    of smothered masses.... more »

  • I Dream Of A Wood

    I dream of a wood
    where the white birches grow,
    where my steps, as I wander,
    become shortened and slow;... more »

  • Reminders

    At first, the telltale signs were few and inconsistent-
    a momentary shortness of breath; a dry, unproductive cough;
    quick, stabbing pains like split-second jolts of electricity-
    nothing to indicate the destruction developing inside his chest.... more »