Haidee Majola 23 July 1953

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Never envy anyone For their full story You can never know
We can learn from the strangest of folks some profound life's lessons But if we sling mud balls at passerbys We shall in a pool of mud sit when they their goals reach.
Haidee Majola
Happiness of this world is but a transient whiff Yet the joy on the Lord Can never be dimmed
Haidee Majola

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She is nurse Yes- She is the polished nurse of poetic dictions She is fashion designer Yes- She is crystalline splendid fashion designer of poetic panorama O' her world glorified her as registered worker in her daily activities on colorful petals of Eden Garden This is she- the beautiful azure-blue of poetic planet No plaintiff she is, No disputatious she is, The simple goddess to take care of insight of poetic words
Haidee Majola- the real color of poetic expression.
I like to take this time to hail Haiddee Majola not with frozen pellets but with warm praise from my heart. Surely without a doubt She's one of the writers who received a blessed pen when God was handing out and may God continue to refill it up with the ink of wisdom, knowledge, perception, and, and, ect. She is thee best and may you continues to flourish
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