• A Little Confused, That's All

    I know we fight
    But that's what I like
    Because we are so tight
    I might even like you... more »

  • All In My Head

    Was it real
    Or was it all in my head
    What did you even feel
    I knew I was going to dread this... more »

  • Alone Without You

    When you are gone
    I feel alone
    When you are not near
    I fear I will never see you again... more »

  • Am I The Bad Guy

    Is this goodbye
    So I don't cry
    Is this the goodbye I want to deny
    Am I the bad guy... more »

  • Big Head, Little Head

    Use your big head
    Not your little head
    Don't lay in the bed
    Use your big head... more »

  • Butterflies

    I know when I hit you
    You question if I have a crush on you too
    Then I deny it
    But its true... more »

  • Can I Do This?

    Can I do this?
    Can I make it on my own?
    Can I do this?
    Will I fell to alone?... more »

  • Cold Stone Empty Heart

    You broke my heart
    From the very start
    And from the beginning
    We just started falling apart... more »

  • Dear Mom, I'M Sorry

    Dear mom, I'm sorry
    That I make you worry
    Dear mom, I'm sorry
    But everything is so blurry... more »

  • Dismissed

    ... more »

  • Do You Remember Our Kiss

    Do you remember our kiss
    Or how much I told you I would miss you
    Could you tell by how much we were holding each other in engineering
    I'm remembering us kissing and realizing what's coming... more »

  • Facing The World Alone

    The further you climb the harder you fall
    Doesn't take long before you have nothing left at all
    Don't know if i'm strong enough to face the world alone
    Don't know how i'd cope without the place i call home... more »

  • Fear

    My fear is losing when I'm nowhere near you
    When I call you to come down
    You make me frown
    Because you let me drown in tears of sadness... more »

  • Fright

    I wake up every night,
    In such a fright
    Scared of what was in sight
    Falling down so tight... more »

  • Getting Rid Of You

    You try to protect me when your around
    But I feel like I'm in the pound
    You never made a sound
    Or even came around... more »

  • Give Me A Chance

    Give me a chance
    So i can reminisce
    Because my prize to you
    Is no more lies... more »

  • How Much I Love You

    How much I love you
    Its hard to explain
    How much I love you
    Is enough to make someone complain... more »

  • I Don't Care What They Say

    I don't care what they say
    They keep trying to pull me away
    But everyday I stray farther away... more »

  • I Don't Need The Pain

    I don't need the pain
    It already feels like I got hit by a train

    I don't need the pain... more »

  • I Guess I Wanted You More

    I cried for so long knowing you were gone
    I guess I wanted you more
    And looking back I'm sure
    I've known for a while that your not coming through those doors... more »

  • I Know You Did It To Protect Me, And I Know I Agreed

    I know you did it to protect me
    I know I agreed
    But in order for me to see what was to be
    I need to knee on the ground and pray to be the she I was with that he... more »

  • I Need A Hero

    I need a hero
    A hero who can show me who to be
    A hero who can set me free
    I need a hero... more »

  • If I Don'T Speak

    If I don't speak
    About how I feel
    I'll freak
    I know he has the power to heal my pain... more »

  • I'M Gone

    They always blame me
    Making them feel ashamed of me
    They claim the same thing
    Always putting me to shame... more »

  • Is He Faithful To Her

    Is he faithful to her
    I need an answer
    Please consider her character
    I can't help but remember us not being together... more »