• He Said, She Said

    He said that this was meant to be.
    She said she loved him.
    He said she was beautiful on the inside.
    She said she loved him.... more »

  • Heartbroken (A Valentine For You)

    I've had my heart broken too many times to count.
    By you, by others
    But it was all about the same thing.
    Only one little thing.... more »

  • It Makes Me Sick

    It makes me sick
    to think it was all a lie.

    It makes me sick... more »

  • Let Me Go

    Let me soar into the light,
    All on my own.
    Let me go down the hill
    And then don't help me up.... more »

  • Little Moments

    Those little moments,
    That happen so often
    Are so beautiful.... more »

  • No Title, Just Read It.

    You know what I hate?
    People who think the world is such a good place
    And if they see something bad, they think it's the only bad thing right now.
    If you see one of those people, I want you to say,... more »

  • Person Kill People

    ... more »

  • The Beauty Of Life

    The beauty of life
    Is not the people in it,
    It's not the birds, or the bees.
    It's not the seas or the trees.... more »

  • The Only One

    I am the only one that sees
    the truth
    I am the only one that thinks
    alone... more »

  • Time Goes By

    Time goes by,
    Thinking of you.
    And it never stops, or even slows
    To glance upon the mistakes that we make.... more »

  • Untitled

    Is the world changing as we know it?
    Or has it always been the same,
    We just didn't see it.... more »

  • Waited Too Long

    He smiles as the light of the moon and stars light up her face. The soft breeze passing by with a howling wind. 'This is love..' He thinks. But on her mind is only, 'Who's next? '

    She smiles as the city lights have an incandescent glow around the hill. Five years have passed by since they last met and the breeze slightly stronger than before. 'This is love..' She thinks. But on his mind is only, 'Who's next.'... more »

  • What Will Happen?

    What will happen
    When war has taken control of everything and
    What now?... more »