a young poet, writer and publisher/ceo elite vibez magazine. Read my poems to connect..they are nothing but MEMOIRS OF A YOUNG AFRICAN


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A Name For My Daughter

i hear the name
and my world revolves
a name for angels
beautiful beyond imagining... more »


a formal word
for life at its end
you come in black
hovering unseen in the dark... more »

A Search For Death

off they went three foolish greedy men
in search of death to kill him before they die they mean
onward they went with neither food nor spleen
but for a bottle that soon dried up of wine... more »

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Clarissa Tobey 10 Apr 2008 08:22
hey sexy i love them soooooo great write me bye now the sweetheart xoxoxox ct
Nicole Moore 26 Mar 2008 12:01
My friend and i like your poems they are really good to read! you should write more poems. I really enjoy reading them