• A Name For My Daughter

    i hear the name
    and my world revolves
    a name for angels
    beautiful beyond imagining... more »

  • A New Year

    can you feel it
    the smell of the new year
    like the change in the season
    with the change inm the weather... more »

  • A Search For Death

    off they went three foolish greedy men
    in search of death to kill him before they die they mean
    onward they went with neither food nor spleen
    but for a bottle that soon dried up of wine... more »

  • A World Of Cries

    i never knew twas like this
    this world this earth
    this land of cries... more »

  • Are They Happy?

    Sitting before him who was draped in silk and crown
    With dreamy eyes in a beautiful world unlike a swound
    he sat this king, who asked tidings of my world
    and I told of things I knew... more »

  • Are We Corrupt

    i have tasted blood
    pricling oozing fresh from my river
    i have enjoyed the sanctity of its wanderings
    percieved of its fresh dewy smell... more »

  • Blasphemy

    blasphemy! That’s the word they decry
    Oh! Amucks take me not for my words
    For tis not the body but the soul
    Tis not this words but soul that’s in it... more »

  • Blood, Pain And Excrement {bing Bain Jin

    blood it flows in the vein
    adjoining man not just tubular
    it carries fear, hate and love
    from place to place... more »

  • Death

    a formal word
    for life at its end
    you come in black
    hovering unseen in the dark... more »

  • Freedom Is Coming Tommorow

    To war torn nations,
    freedom is coming tommorow... more »

  • Friend Or Foe

    Friend or Foe?
    This is the question I ask
    As I look unto the world
    Verily a Judas is come... more »

  • Gone

    She’s gone but we saw yesterday
    I wish I could see her walk away
    Buts she’s gone never to be back again
    She’s gone now we’ll never talk again... more »

  • Hate

    a wordly good
    bought with life
    sown with seed
    born to be... more »

  • How I Would Like To Die

    i would like to die a man
    with smiles and laughter
    till death in my mouth
    i would like to die... more »

  • I Wonder

    i wonder if living is dying
    and dying is living
    we surge and scourge
    nay towards love and money... more »

  • Icons

    mandela an african icon
    like many a continents great men,
    like many a nations hero
    who rise from humble birth... more »

  • If I Had A Son

    if i had a son
    i'll show him care
    so as to have love
    i'll give him money... more »

  • If I Should Cry

    If I should cry
    Would the wind take my message home?
    My hands are sore from tilling the ground
    My voice is coarse from shouting in the sun... more »

  • In My Land And Home

    My land and home
    Perfect as perfect could be
    Though less colorful to many a painters gaze
    Alas! Tis as perfect as perfect could be... more »

  • Isms

    terrorism, nationalism, socialism......

    ism is in the air
    ism we are tired of you... more »

  • Leave Me To My Element

    leave me i beg to my element
    let me my mistakes make
    let me shameless myself correct
    till to my allure at least i try... more »

  • Life

    what is this life but a place of visit
    but knowing we will one day passo'er
    and this world our host
    has all our desires... more »

  • Morning

    the blanket of night
    as been removed
    as the early gleam of rays
    like the haze on the mountains of switzerland... more »

  • My Country

    i look at my land
    and i couldnt help but behold
    as i cried at the sight
    my home and country is dying... more »

  • My Fair Lilly

    my fair lilly
    i look at you
    and i see a gem unknown,
    a glistining star in a lonely sky... more »