• ‘why Am I Poor? ’

    Once, a poor man leaned against a door
    And thought why he was so much poor
    ‘I work more than anyone else, ’ he muttered
    ‘So laziness can’t be the reason I am poor.’... more »

  • A Childish Conversation

    A child from one part of the world cries
    Malnourishment and infectious disease all should not be mine
    A child from another part of the world replies
    Obesity and psychiatric disorders are things I can’t deny... more »

  • A Chilling Sickness

    Chills in the joints, making me shiver
    Temperature was quite normal, there was no fever
    Soreness in the throat, whenever I swallowed
    Uneasiness in the abdomen, making diagnosis shallow.... more »

  • A Conditional Offer

    A conditional offer I received yesterday
    From London Metropolitan University with delay
    Having applied for Master degree in medical genetics
    With a course fee of 11000 pounds in debit... more »

  • A Different View On The Body And Mind

    Because of five colors our eyes are blind
    Not clearing seeing what is actually behind
    Because of five notes our ears are deaf
    Not actually understanding what is being said... more »

  • A Dream, A Place

    I have a dream high in my mind
    Blinking like a star so bright
    Too far away from me it is that
    I can but pray to put it in my grasp.... more »

  • A Drop Of Tear By Han Min Ohn

    A drop of tear, a taste of joy
    Vanishes in just a nick of time
    A drop of tear, a flow of sorrow
    Dissipates as the time goes... more »

  • A Headache

    A throbbing pain beginning behind eye sockets
    Spread to layers deep behind the neck
    The pain also circled around forehead
    Focusing on something deepened the painful thrush.... more »

  • A Laughter

    A laughter so wild
    From hatred it beguiles

    A laughter so weak... more »

  • A Letter Without Date

    A letter which was written long, long ago
    Sealed in an envelope that nobody knows
    An address already sitting in the correct place
    To meet the post office it is lacking suitable pace.... more »

  • A List Of Names

    A list of names seen on paper
    Nothing more than alphabetic characters
    Some names are long and some are short
    They are nothing but lifeless clauses.... more »

  • A Look Into Medieval Period

    Knights riding on the armored horses reigned
    Prisoners, in the torture chambers, were detained
    Castles reaching to the sky were proudly erected
    Blood shedding on the ground, everywhere was detected.... more »

  • A Lost Soul

    Can’t feel the world’s beauty and love
    Mind being numbed by Satanic punch
    Don’t know what is just and fair
    Conscience being engulfed by Satanic flair... more »

  • A Nefarious Maze

    In the quest to find a grotesque substance called money
    Things that were once free become expensive commodities
    This quest simply doesn’t make its stop just there
    Disrupting the inner cores with malice as a step further.... more »

  • A New Chapter

    An old chapter has been completed
    Its content can no longer be deleted
    With the end of it a new one comes
    Chapter after chapter until the end.... more »

  • A Night Scene

    Lying on my back one clear night
    With nothing above to deter my sight
    On a grass lawn I viewed the sky
    The scene was just too peaceful to deny.... more »

  • A Not So Simple Smile

    A smile may truly be the one that comes
    From a person's inner heart as he wands
    Or it may just be a mask to cover up
    A fire that is burning inside his head... more »

  • A Piece Of Paper

    A piece of paper is ruling the world
    Without it, people feel like they are no more
    Everything they need, people use it to buy
    To get a little more, anything they will try.... more »

  • A Pond Called The Mind

    A pond filled with external impurity
    Can’t reflect an image with perfect serenity
    A clean pond can still blunder what it reflects
    Ripples and waves disturbing images that it detects... more »

  • A Ranting Gibberish

    Tuition fees are doubled up
    Because you are born in a land foreign
    Minimum wages are tripled down
    Because from oversea you came... more »

  • A Shocking Traffic Experience

    Today did I encounter a terrible experience
    While driving on Pyae high way at 50 mph persistence.

    An old monk was crossing the road without looking left or right... more »

  • A Sleepless Night

    Lying on the bed with my eyes closed
    My mind swirled and refusing the doze
    A piece of thought flashed but it quickly passed
    I heard the ticking of clock like it would always last... more »

  • A Speech

    A speech so shallow
    Uses eloquence to make a show
    A speech so hollow
    Uses sentiment to fill the core.... more »

  • A Squeaking Mouse And Chirping Sparrow

    Once I heard a mouse squeaking loudly
    For a reason I didn't know clearly
    But what happened later vividly I saw
    A cat found it out and got the mouse in its paw.... more »

  • A Textbook

    A thick obnoxious book
    Makes me nauseous to look
    Heavy as it is thick
    Not exactly my favorite pick.... more »