Hanan Muzafar Quotes

Without kindness, you're without faith.
Kindness and Faith
Fight with situations not with fate, for fate deserves to be accepted.
Life and Fate
Expect least from people, satisfaction will be yours.
Know yourself only then you can know God.
I don't know how it happens, neither I want to know.When it has to happen, it'll happen.Often happens with me.
To defeat an elephant, you've to become a mountain.In a sky of vultures be the dragon.
Survival and World
Know your limit, then acquire the strength to break it.
Man is the most brutal creature created by the God, but it's love and suffering which distinguishes him.
Existence and Pain
To see heaven, you've to go through hell.As hell is the foundation of heaven.
Suffering and Cause
An institution is a place, where you're programmed to be a useful product for society.
Institutionalisation and Society