Hanan Muzafar Quotes

For some whom you rely on, you're just an investment.
Society and People
Violence is an instinct, and hate is it's fuel.
A man is incapable to understand the varying nature of God.
The Sea often makes me remind, how little we are, and makes me to realize the value of little things.
The consequences of conflict are far more complex than the cause of conflict itself.
Conflict is like a spider web under harsh conditions, which keeps on evolving with every blow.
Conflict and Society's Structure
In the game of war no one remains no longer an innocent.
War and society
When your mind and eyes are wide open, you see the world around you, as beautiful as your inner-self.
Vision & Grace
I'm the living miracle of God.
Existence and Survival
Better to be hollow, than to be broken.
Society and Existence