Hanan Muzafar Quotes

If God is silent, then there's no word of God.
Miracle and Word of God
Forgiveness is not for all, but justice is for all.
The Education system has not evolved, neither reformed.It's not upto the standard of evolution, especially in the developing and poor countries.
Modern man has learned the technique of exploitation very well.
Exploitation and Man
When there is an exploitation, there will be conflict and armed rebellion.
Conflict and Armed Rebellion
Humanity is suffering, because of it's unending greed for resources.
Humanity and Greed
At the end we need to settle down on a table, to implement a transformed system, where at the same time we need to acknowledge our faults.
Society and Faults
There are signs of world order collapse, and the rebirth of a new world order.
World Order and Transformation
There's a need for limit on the artificial intelligence, it can replicate itself at such a pace that human labour and economy would be replaced completely.
Artificial Intelligence
Radical ideology is corrosive in nature, it even melts the vessel which holds it.
Radical Ideology and it's corrosive nature.