Hanan Muzafar Quotes

There's a visible difference between being brave and being fool, but fools are always brave.
It's Resilience and Resistance which distinguishes you from others.
Resilience, Resistance, and Valour
The only way towards peaceful world is to reduce the arms race and expanding military might.
Peace and Military Might
The policies of a nation need to be flexible, but at the same time balanced.
Policies and Nations
Poetry finds you, when you're wounded.
Art and craft are different, craft you learn but art is achieved.
Art and Craft
No one is gifted with art, you acquire it by seeing, feeling, learning, and experiencing.
You can't deny the consumerism of society, but you can control it.
Consumerism and Society
The word life is only understood by the God.
Life and God
It's not an inspiration, it's survival which can make you great.
Survival and Greatness