Hanan Muzafar Quotes

The war between kind and evil, bright and dark. It's man who decides which one will be the God for him.
War between kind and evil
Divinity is in Kindness and Sacrifice.
As long as there is resistance in you, you're alive.
Resistance and Conflict
Victory is for those who believe.
Belief and Conflict
It's survival which defines you.
Life in itself is meaningless, but serves a definite purpose.
The only way to destroy your enemy is to create inferiority and envy in his heart.
Revenge and Hate
The moment when you realise, even though small but you made a difference. You know your worth, A brick in the transformation.
Transformation and your worth
Without any doubt life is hard, rough, and sometimes miserable, but it ain't complex. It's we who make it and like it to be complex.
Life and Complexity
Go get married, raise children, travel, tame a dog or cat whatever. Life is worth living.
Life and Living