Hanan Muzafar Quotes

A poet is a trash bin of the society, who converts junk into fragrant flowers.
Poetry and Society
If they say they're not doing it for glory, they're just beautifully lying.
Lie, Deception, Glory, Limelight, Fame, Art
I wish I could smell the perfect fragrance, like a graceful brush carving dreams on the canvas.
Love, Dreams, Art
I often sit down and listen their miseries quietly
Society, Misery, and Patience
Let it flow like your way, fearless and wild.
Poetry, Freedom, Courage
I don't want them to hear disappointing truths, they progress better in lies.
Truth, Lie, Dissapointment
Some like night owls, as they drive them crazy.
I like dinner under candle light in a rainy night, with love served in bowl. A cup of coffee and a cigarette.
Poetry, Love, Lust, Luxury, and Art
You can learn, how to knock them down, just look out for ways. There will be fair chances.
Chances, Ways, Fate
There ain't any one, who can make it such unconventional. Damn straight from the heart, like an arrow from the bow.
Art, Unconventional, Grace