Hanan Muzafar Quotes

A coincidence can't be miraculous and marvellous as the fate.
Fate and Coincidence
Freedom ain't achieved by taking a begging bowl out in market. It's grabbed, hunted down, and it begins from you: I wish I could sell it for free, but it ain't cheap.
Freedom, Conflict, Sacrifice, and Revolution.
People like to watch people, it gives them a sense of security.
People, Instinct, and Security
There ain't any need to become great, when you've got a peaceful sleep; After a long day of labour.
Peace, Comfort, and Content
There is a beauty hidden in misery, A crafted killer; and we talk about our achievements, a little louder.
Misery, Craft, and Society
It drives them insane, when we don't surrender: They should accept we're only at war.
Revolution, Freedom, Conflict, Hate, and War
The Art is painting grief in romance.
Art, Grief, and Romance
Wait and watch, create and evolve; but their sickening mediocrity plague will kill you: Kill it before it kills you.
Mediocrity, Society, Evolution, Growth, Freedom.
We all do have a madness inside of us: The only difference is some cultivate, and some accept it.
Madness, Society, People, Instinct, Growth
Weak men blame, Great men believe.
Greatness, Faith, Evolution, Growth