Hanan Muzafar Quotes

Faith can't be explained, it's felt, and what's felt flows.
If you're not willing to accept yourself: How can you expect someone else to accept you.
There ain't any way to kill the drive for freedom, no matter how strong the shackles are: The drive is meant to break them, even if the cost is war.
Freedom, Conflict, Revolution, War, Drive
World is a very nasty and mean place, especially when it comes to your rights.To get what belongs to you, you've to defeat your rivals in the arena: By playing feminist card to gain sympathy and benefits, you're just loosing.
Feminism, Rights, Revolution
Your life is the only truth you've: Suffering is its food, and love is its fluid.
Truth, Love, Life
A tyrant sells his lies by making offers and deals: Don't buy them at all, for they're filled with barbarity and slavery.
Conflict, Oppression, Society, Tyranny, Injustice
I shot the kid inside of me, so that he won't suffer any pain— As he was dying in front of my eyes, I took him in my arms, and buried him in my heart's grave: Where he became immortal and divine.
Love, Suffering, Pain, Freedom, Life, Journey
They're liars feeding on your sorrow, to get love in return, nothing fills their desire— Stealing your everything, and then blame you for everything; Ain't it truth, people eat people.
Society, People, Love, Suffering, Misery
River is filled with warm blood, and revenge is our weapon against their tyranny— Change the form so often, that they can't predict, Hit them, and hit them hard on every front; Bring down the wrath on them.
War, Conflict, Revolution, Freedom, Justice
Be a walking truth, It scares the gut out of people.
Truth, Conflict, Revolution, People