Hanan Muzafar Quotes

Company of whining and maddening men, like a suicidal tone put in your ear, murdering your being, without any care, not letting you to be in peace— At a corner of street, with a stray cat sitting beside, seeking refuge.
Society, World, Annoying men, Insensitive, Mediocrity
Road is rough, but sun shines bright, and seasons await for you, under blue umbrella sky— Stay, for I'm incomplete without you, don't you know how brave you're: We do have a cause, but all I've is you.
Love, Separation, Conflict, Revolution, Journey, Freedom, Recluse
Don't compete, just be honest, victory tastes sweet, when earned hard.
Freedom, Victory
Rare and pure dwell in heaven's soul, for eternity, to fill light when there is despair— Why to be barren, when thoughts are vibrant enough, to take away gloom, Believe, shall be beside, when it's twilight.
Love, Separation, Hope, Society, Conflict, Freedom
Who are these unknown people, dragged far from their homes, worn out in silence, knowing but not saying, just looking for trapdoors.
Conflict, Misery, Immigration, War
Wicked policies are devised and then implemented, to shape people in products and by-products; Where behaviour of individuals becomes much like rodents, opportunistic yet effective.
Society, Capitalism, Consumerism, Slavery,
Tragedy is, brave gets labelled as fool, cowards rule, and parasites do business.
Society, Capitalism, Consumerism, People, Suffering
What's beautiful, man has a tendency to harm it: If seen as a disease, but also a cure.
Society, Man, People, Politics, Suffering
Don't compete, just be honest, victory tastes sweet, when earned hard.
Victory and Freedom
The competition where you think you're progressing, is rather their progress.
Society, Competition, People, Slavery