Hanif Baktash Biography

Hanif Baktash Ph.D. is considered as one of the Pashto language's leading contemporary poets and writers.

Mohamad Hanif Baktash, an ethnic Pashtun of the Amarkhel tribe, was born on 9 May 1961 in Maidan Shar (30 km far from Kabul). He was married with Meena Baktash (British Broadcasting Corporation BBC). They had two sons.

He started his studies in Mazar-i-Sharif and then continued in Maidan Shar, Kandahar, Helmand and finished Habibia High School of Kabul in 1978. He holds a graduate degree in social science from the Kabul Institute of Pedagogy. He received a PhD diploma in History from the Supreme Attestation Commission of the USSR in 1993 for his thesis titled “War in Afghanistan: Social – Political Reasons and Consequences”. In the summer of 1993 he moved to London and as of 2002, he is a British Citizen. During his time in the UK he cooperated as a journalist with the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC in 1998 and 1999. Since 2009 he worked as a consultant for Afghanistan at a consultancy in Hamburg (Germany). Baktash was well versed in several languages (Pashto, Dari, English and Russian). Hanif Baktash died in 2011.