So... never sure what to write in these things, but anyway here goes. Since this is a poet profile i guess I should write about me as a poet. Usually i write poems because I need an outlet for the things I really should be talking to people about. But yeah, I'm an introverted little bugger so stuff doesn't get on there. I plan on starting a blog soon.

Mainly, I put my poems up here just to get a little bit of feedback on them, since there are only around...3, maybe 4 people I know who I feel comfortable sharing my stuff with, and even then I have to umm and aah about it for a few months.

UPDATE: Apparantly I don't umm and aah enough. I'm moving my poems to my new blog, and I'll post a link up shortly. I also won't be updating here, so this is goodbye to Poemhunter for me, although if the blog gets boring I might think up yet ANOTHER alias and post here under that. (what, you thought Hank Tamaishi was my real name? Please!) Thanks everyone. Bye!

I use spellchecker, and I proofread for grammar. I don't agonise over alliteration or number of sylables. I write what feels right. That is my writing process.

None of the poems i put up here are less than 2 months old. Most are closer to 4. Also, less than a fifth of what I write gets up here and less than half of that isn't thrown in the bin. I waste paper. A lot.


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