• Because Of You

    The angel in her ceased to be,
    Darkness found her soul,
    Filled her with corruption,
    Malevolence to the bone.... more »

  • Connecting

    The wind whipped through her hair,
    As she sat in silence,
    Listening to the sounds around her,
    Connecting herself to the earth.... more »

  • Footprints

    Loved ones leave footprints
    on your heart, or so they say,... more »

  • Haiku

    Have you noticed how
    hard it can be to write a... more »

  • Perpetual Emotions

    Lovingly she caresses the man beneath her,
    Fingers gently dancing across his chest,
    Swirls and twirls traced along his skin.
    ‘Neath the moonlight, plays this scene.... more »

  • Redemption

    Rain falls from above,
    As if heaven itself were crying,
    Mourning a loss so great
    It needs to spread it’s grief around.... more »

  • Tears Fall From The Sky,

    Tears fall from the sky,
    As the clouds all mourn,
    A self taken life,
    Full of promise,... more »

  • To Write

    To write is to create,
    Let words flow from your pen.
    Each letter that forms a word,
    Could make someone smile.... more »

  • Waiting

    Neath the dark sky I wait,
    In the cold winter air.
    Here I have sat for many an hour,
    Waiting for you.... more »

  • You Said

    You said that you loved me,
    You said that you cared,
    You said that you’d listen
    And always be there.... more »