• (((Identity)))

    My sleeves hide my identity,
    the side you’ll never know,
    the side I’m ashamed of
    and the side I’ll never show... more »

  • Addiction To Death

    Cutting's like a drug
    You get hooked so fast
    You hide yourself from the world
    Not daring to face it... more »

  • An Attention Emo

    you hear your song again
    Beating through your stereo
    you call him again
    Same old Scenario... more »

  • Antony Rap (From Shakespear's Julias Ceaser)

    Yo yo yo
    Listen up homie G
    I gotta lotta say
    so listen to me... more »

  • At Night

    At night I close my eyes
    I dream of happy things
    I never wanna wake up
    'Cuz I know what daylight brings... more »

  • Bleeding For You

    I let you in
    You told me lies
    Living in darkness
    The sun won’t rise... more »

  • Breaking Her Heart

    She lay awake that night
    Wondering if he had heard
    How her heart had broke
    But she didn’t say a word... more »

  • Conspiracy

    This life is a conspiracy
    trying to rob me
    of everything good
    hinting at this conspiracy... more »

  • Falling

    The scent of freshness fills the air
    black thunderclouds that match my mood precisely
    stalk their way across the sky
    overshadowing everything below them with their bleak presence... more »

  • False Image

    Smiling while I lie
    Acting like I'm fine
    looking like a saint
    never crossing the line... more »

  • Hidden Messages

    The blood drips down
    Staining my sleeve
    But I don’t care, it doesn’t matter
    Nothing does, not the pain that won’t leave... more »

  • Intervention

    I tried so hard
    To be your friend
    But you just want
    For it to end.... more »

  • Life Vs. Reality

    Confusing this
    Fucking... more »

  • Loss Of A Friend

    You wouldn’t fight
    For the friendship we had
    You forgave him instantly
    And it made me sad... more »

  • Old Habits

    Old habits here to stay
    Lost in yet another day
    Watching as my trouble leaves
    Hidden behind blood-stained sleeves... more »

  • Recipe For A Broken Heart

    Add all your pain
    And all your sorrow
    Mix well with your failures
    And your tears for tomorrow... more »

  • Revel In The Pain

    All around I find
    fake smiles and happy lies
    but if you look, you can see
    the terror in their eyes... more »

  • Stereotyped

    Just another teen
    Doing nothing right
    dropping out of school
    staying up all night... more »

  • The World Today

    People turn their backs and run away
    from all the things i want to say
    they close their eyes and shut the door
    help the rich and kill the poor... more »

  • To: Hilary

    I hide my face from you
    Not wanting you to know
    About everything I feel inside
    For I know I’ve sunk too low... more »

  • Trying To Breathe

    Trying to breath
    In this world of suffocation
    Trying to think
    Tough I’ve lost all concentration... more »

  • What I See

    Of all the times I’ve met you
    I’ve always seen the same things
    I see the scars on your wrist
    And the pain that it won’t bring... more »