• Dreams

    Born in red
    Die in blue
    Live in yellow
    Sleep in green... more »

  • Headache

    All the rowboats
    In the oil paintings... more »

  • Is This Our Lives

    Dramatic entrance
    Sudden death
    Confusion... more »

  • Life

    What is living?
    A thing to do.
    What is life?
    Me and you.... more »

  • My Lovely

    My lovely.
    Does it hurt?
    Born to the world,
    Die an old man.... more »

  • Sleepwalk Thoughts

    One to love
    One to hate
    To cry
    To die... more »

  • Sounds

    We kill for the silence,
    I don't understand.
    Why give metal to their voice
    To steal away their quiet... more »

  • Us

    Inches between us
    No way to fill the space
    Will there even be an us
    No way to read your face... more »

  • Waiting

    I'm in this room
    But I'm everywhere else
    I'm anywhere but
    I'm wherever I want.... more »