• Abseil

    Today I shall tell you a terrifying tale,
    The day I decided to do an abseil.
    At the top of the building I was frozen in fright,
    Trying not to look down at the gargantuan hight.... more »

  • Cabbage Heads And Camels

    Cabbage heads are on their way,
    And one day,
    With the camels
    Who smell,... more »

  • Get Over Yourself!

    There are so many rude people in the world,
    At so many people these words I've hurled,
    When I go shopping and they knock me out the way,
    These are the words i always say,... more »

  • My Emy-Lou

    Today it snowed.
    Fluffy flakes swirling around.
    So beautiful
    I knew it was angel’s feathers... more »