• A Night Out -Or In-

    It was an evening of galore
    With the ladies and gents’ dressed in glamour
    The night was cool and foggy
    But the instruments and people were filled with glee... more »

  • A Store Clerks Torque

    The cash register let out a loud “Ding! ”
    To let the customers of the latest purchasing.
    Hear the sweep of the broom, the unwrapping of the latest costume.
    In case of the store being in doom.... more »

  • Colors Mixed With Dreams

    The marjulvious mixture of birds were gliding
    , and flying to reach the tips of the billowy bows.

    The bows were the sun drenched clouds very loud and very bold.... more »

  • El Bosque Oscuro En La Medianoche

    La niebla ha saboteado en el bosque casi vacía
    Las aves y el zumbido las abejas todos huyeron
    El día de mañana está muy por delante
    Y la noche se deslizó a morder... more »

  • Eye Of The Storm

    The windows banging!
    The radios blaring!
    The mothers yelling!
    The fathers griping!... more »

  • It's Not That Easy Being Me

    Its not easy being me.
    It's probably not easy being anyone.
    Trying so hard to figure out what people think about;
    Do they like her? Does he have a girlfriend?... more »

  • Mothers Blind Love

    Twas the dread of the night that brought screams to her eyes
    , was it her demise or was it surprise?

    Maybe demise is what she dreamt of on that early sun rise.... more »

  • Our Broken Hearts

    It was a late date
    The date was ditched.
    The girl sat there and whirled!
    The stood up boy quarreled with the air!... more »

  • The Dark Forest At Midnight

    The fog scuttled across the almost empty forest
    Birds and the buzzing bees all fled
    For the morning day was far ahead
    And the night crept up to bite... more »