• Forget

    forget that being their meant never leaveing
    forget how many time you fall and theirs no one their to help you up agin
    forget that your all alone at night
    forget times you cry your self to sleep... more »

  • No

    no one knows what to do
    no one seems to care
    no more tears for lost time
    no more cuts... more »

  • Tears

    turn around as they fall
    everythings wrong
    and there nothing u can do
    ready to be alone... more »

  • The Candel

    its made of wax and parfain and a long wick
    its beauty fromed by a candel makers hands
    it comes in all shapes and sizes and color
    for different occausion... more »

  • The Death Of A Love One

    The phone call that you thought you would never get
    The pain that follows when you’re faced with choices
    The old pictures that haven’t been seen in years
    The memories that haunt you... more »

  • Why

    why does the mother bird fly away
    why does the sky cry
    why cant he stay
    why does he hurt me so... more »

  • Why /Because

    why does the child stand in the rain
    because the rain hides the tears

    why does she dress in all black... more »

  • Why Do I

    why do i carry a shadow around
    why do i wonder what went wrong
    why do i feel alone when im with a crowd
    why do i hide in my dreams when theres nothing to fear... more »