• Autumn Leaves

    Autumn leaves falling down
    Gently drifting round and round
    Brown and yellow ones, red ones too
    Swirling, curling with the wind... more »

  • Fireworks

    Fireworks brightly scattered in the sky
    Rockets and bangers and some fire flys
    Little ones, big ones, scary ones too
    All light up the sky above... more »

  • Little Child

    Oh little child
    You look so small
    When I look at you
    You’re like a doll... more »

  • Lonely

    So quiet this moment
    I stand by myself
    The beat of my heart
    All alone with no love... more »

  • Oh Little Flower

    Oh little flower
    How do you grow?
    Are you like me?
    I think it so... more »

  • Special Heart

    The loom and gloom of the world today
    Cuts my heart, what can I say
    For all the pain we have to bare
    Always struggling, never fair... more »

  • Were Rainbows Grow

    Over the hills were rainbows grow
    A sparkle and twinkle and then a dense glow
    Great and tall they grow so high
    Towards the sun up in the sky... more »