• Advice To Thy Nursling.

    When I am gone I hope there's someone there for you,
    O fall in love swiftly child,
    Someone to protect you from this madness,
    I do not wish for you to feel helpless,... more »

  • Bring You Back.

    If I stare hard enough
    At these walls
    I can join the dots
    Join the cracks... more »

  • Can You Tame The Shrew?

    They say dreams can come true,
    That dream should be me and you,
    I poisoned our love,
    You say I looked for too much guidance from above,... more »

  • Cancer.

    I will never forget that fateful day,
    Haunting me in its terrible way.
    As soon as they said you were to die,
    There was nothing I could do but cry.... more »

  • Creation.

    I saw a butterfly one day
    Delicate as lace
    I pondered as I slowly walked
    What god had made his angel face?... more »

  • Cursed.

    Terror racing through my veins
    Fear, infectious like burning pains
    Clutching up towards the light
    Won't give up without a fight... more »

  • Emerging Soul.

    Burning lust and parched mind,
    Hands balled into fists,
    Sweet craving, blistering anger,
    Yet plain flat face,... more »

  • End To The Darkness.

    The rusted manacles of my mind,
    Forcing me to be blind,
    It ends today,
    Staring at the lists,... more »

  • Fragile Love.

    Eveytime I look at you I catch my breath,
    Nothing can part us not even death,
    My heart is spiralling flying up high,
    Because your eyes hold me like the sky,... more »

  • Galactic Dance.

    Fly me to the moon and back
    I wish to play with shooting stars
    I love to see the sun arise
    Freely float and play round mars... more »

  • Guardian Angel.

    Looking into her glassy eyes he saw her as she had been
    The first sight was fresh to his mind
    Her corn silk hair flowing, a majestic mane
    Her flashing eyes, emeralds on her perfect face.... more »

  • Hopeless Romantic

    One smile and I've fallen,
    A wink and I'm gone,
    I won't hear others callin',
    A hug and the deals done.... more »

  • I Am Not Alone.

    Always fighting
    Falling under
    It's so hard to breath
    Drowning, spluttering... more »

  • I Guess It's Just Reality.

    Magnetism that pulls us together
    Your smile warms my body
    Like chemistry and romantic sonnets
    Your eyes take over me... more »

  • It's Not Me.

    He didn't see me,
    when he looked in my eyes,
    He tried to cover it with copious lies,
    I know I should have ended it,... more »

  • Just One Of Those Things.

    Just one day changed everything,
    I never imagined falling like this,
    Just one look and I've told you all of me,
    But still you don't seem to see.... more »

  • Lonely Thoughts.

    I can't believe you've walked out and gone,
    Left me sitting here all alone.
    You slammed the door,
    Leaving tear drops on the floor.... more »

  • Marriage Night

    Entwined ramblers,
    Beads of pearls roll down fleshy leaves,
    A moment of passion,
    And the bud bursts into bloom,... more »

  • Melodious Fascination.

    Sparking imagination,
    Following the thread of turning minds,
    The wide eyed wonder of a grasping child,
    Parted lips in admiration.... more »

  • Monster.

    There's a monster in my house
    It turns me into a blithering mouse
    I love that monster in everyway
    I hate that monster everyday... more »

  • Perhaps.

    It's all a game to me,
    I hope you realise,
    How evil I can be.
    You say you know,... more »

  • Perspective

    I've been better
    I've been worse
    Everything is right
    Yet everything is wrong... more »

  • Phoenix.

    I burned it down,
    I burned it all,
    the house the trees the forest and the seas,
    my memories flicker and fade as the embers burn to black and grey.... more »

  • Secrets

    Holding us bound together,
    The unspoken whispers last forever,
    The darkest depths of our minds,
    Knot together like branches entwined,... more »

  • Story Of My Life

    Like I couldn't stop sawing,
    The blood doesn't seem to stop pouring.
    White to red,
    Live to dead.... more »